In the early stages of preparing for your big day, some decide "I can handle this why would I need someones help ... Just think of the money we will save." When it comes to wedding planning there is no such thing as a fuss-free plan. Why? Vendors will tell you they never got paid, your cake could only be 6 inches tall instead of 6 feet, and then there is always the lack of time.

An average wedding can take anywhere from a combined 100 to 1000 hours to plan. Thats what PiFect wedding concierge specializes in "Making the impossible possible." Sure it’s a ball to ooh and aah over cake designs, but there’s nothing enjoyable about researching mini-buses for guest transport or making seating charts. There isn’t much joy in reviewing vendor contracts or keeping track of payments, either. We do all of that in your custom portal you can store all of your receipts and contracts with no fuss, no organization, or worries!


Extensive Vendor Research
When researching a vendor many puzzle pieces have to fit together if one piece is missing that can be the difference between a good day and an IRREPLACEABLE day. On average you will only like 2 out of 15 vendors you research, if you spend an average of 1 hour in research and correspondence time you could have wasted an average of 15 hours and still not be happy. Let the experts do the research for you, we know what questions to ask and when a price is to good to be true or to high to be considered.
Floral Advisor
Flowers can be a high ticket item for a wedding at least 10% of your wedding budget. We have helped many reduce that to less than 5% of their budget. Did you know that it can cost more to have multiple kinds of  flowers. Ordering off peak flowers can bump your budget up by 2-3%, so those Dahlia's for your winter wonder world wedding will have to wait unless you really want them, we can get them. We help provide a elegant floral plan when it comes to saving and getting quality at a beautiful price.
Catering Advisor
When it comes to catering every detail counts. Do you want a buffet style wedding, food stations, or set menus, the list can be endless. When you hire our services you don't have to worry about the  little things. Its as easy as 1...2...3, one of our PiFect advisors will learn about your  details and now you can be to-do list free.
wedding dress advisor
The bride's dress is the center point of any wedding. When the hot weather, the lack of chairs, or the kids running around are long forgotten the wedding dress is normally always remembered. We work with many local and international designers that provide wedding dress services whether you need a virtual consultation or already have your measurements and a design in mind. We can provide the services and the quality that you deserve.
wedding budget analyst
Budget analyzation is a key part of any successful wedding. Because we our leaders in the industry we know how to create a dream wedding with a budget for anyone, whether its $5,000 or $500,000+. We have saved clients thousands on things as catering plans, dresses, and venues all of your big ticket items. See how our services can help keep you in budget without sacrificing time or quality.
bachelor and bachelorette party
Everybody wants to go out in a bang. We can help get you there whether it's via party bus, party plane, a night out on the town we make entrance to marriage an unforgettable time. With a customized plan to fit your every request you can't go wrong with our party services.

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