I live in a small/rual city. Will PiFect work for me?

PiFects number one goal is to provide you “the PiFect Life,” while we are out of this world AMAZING, we have to work within the limits of this earth. If for some rare reason in your area something is not available and can’t be mailed, we will always try to find you an alternative.

If we can find a solution to get it done in your area we will. PiFect has access to the same vendors and services you have access to. Even though with many we have preferred pricing.

Just text us to see if it’s possible, just keep in mind we can’t get you a pink sparkly Unicorn, a Leprechaun, or a picture with Big Foot. But the rest we can manage.

What is a Lightning request?

Lightning requests will connect you with an advisor almost immediately via SMS Text.

These request are best suited for a task that requires light research, phone calls, reservations, or general inquiries. Just shoot us a request and our “PiFect Advisors” will be happy to let you know if its best as a General or Lightning request.

How can I submit a request?

There are two requests types: General and Lightning. Each can be requested the same way.

Email, Text 813-803-0314, Ticketed Request, or Voicemail. Voicemail is a great solution that can be used ON-THE-GO along with SMS/MMS. Have something on your mind just say it and forget it.

Can I make recurring request?

Yes! The power is in your hands, you have the option to set it to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

A recurring request is fantastic for things like scheduling with a medical facility, research on a continuous project, or those ones in a life time tickets and dinner date at the hottest spot. Yeah, we can do that.

Is there anything that PiFect can’t do?

Yes, we can not make your desk Bamboo tree grow any faster. Seriously no we can do anything you want, as long as it’s not illegal or morally detestable. Give us a TRY well show you.

What if a request requires a substantial amount of work?

Not an issue! Since you have UNLIMITED request it doesn’t matter. But since you are in control no work is completed until one of our “PiFect Advisors” confirm its OK to proceed. They will access your project and tell you how long it will take to complete.

Can I purchase items with PiFect?

Yes! We can purchase any item anywhere for you. Even though we use bank grade encryption to keep you safe, we use a one time virtual CC that gives access not to your personal info but to your digital CC number. Or if you prefer we can do the research for you and you can personally pay yourself. We are flexible for you.

Even when it comes to access to your personal accounts Netflix, Amazon, or Amex accounts that you may need us to monitor we use Lastpass, 1password, or OneLogin the choice is yours.

Security is our number one priority. All refunds on items are subject to the vendor’s conditions.

What is a General request?

General requests will be answered within 24 hours (generally our handle time is much more expedited than that!)

These requests are best suited for a task that requires research, vendor coordination, multiple requests in one submission. Any request can go here even if you just want to know what time it is.

I don’t always have access to SMS. Do you have an app I can use?

Where do you live Antartica? LOL!

We don’t have an app to take request but we have integrated a chat application on our site that can be used on mobile, tablet, or desktop. But if you want an app we have integrated with Telegram Messenger, one of the most secure and stable messaging platforms. After you’ve signed up, send us an email and we will get you the link.

Do I get charged to ask inquiring (?) about your service?

No! We could never answer all your questions here. Text us NOW at 813-803-0314 or email sales@thepifectlife.com .

Never will you be charged to find out more we invite you to ask as many questions you desire…WHY NOT ITS FREE!