About Us

We are the PiFect Squad

Let the squad do what we do BEST…so you can do what you LOVE most!


Marcus “Araleus”


How would people describe you? The analytical guy that would make a solution for an answer if he could, the biggest cool nerd around.

What makes you an expert at what you do? That's the best part nothing I am always growing. When you think you know too much progression stops and then a ubiquitous you happens. I will forever be a student perfecting my skills.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? I have been fortunate enough to travel to many beautiful cities in my life I would pick 2 of my favorites Cape Town, South Africa and France country side or the city of Paris.

What phone do you have? I have a Samsung Galaxy 7, not the Note 7 Bomb!

What is your favorite subject? Math and Psychology

Why did you start PiFect? It's very simple I love to help people. It all started with a series of events. One of those so called epiphany moments was when it seemed like every person one weekend in my contact list text me to ask questions ... "Whats a hot spot to take a date?"... "How did you propose to your wife?"... "Do you know if there are any classes for statistics this fall?". So it became a no brainier people don't have time anymore to do the simple things. That's when the birth of our live virtual assistant service took off. 

Semore “The MadCoder”


Why the name "The MadCoder"? It expresses me and my skills. 

Are you always MAD? HaHa! No I actually rarely ever get mad, people tell me I'm to nice so I figured this is one way to change that.

Favorite food? BBQ Pizza, baklava, and falafels . 

What do you love about PiFect? The simplicity of the service. I hate finding that gift that someone would like, so I use PiFect to help. Yeah I know its cheating but it works.

What is your favorite instrument? I have not been able to master it yet but I am working on the piano. I love the melodic tones it can play and the challenge that it takes to master it. Even a master is not a true master.

Kay “Le Cafeholic”


What is the SCARIEST thing you have ever done? Marry my husband..lol... It was the best decision of my life, but if I knew he was going to be so persistent I might have just said yes earlier.

What would be your ideal night? HaHa! I don't even know what one of those are but if I got one it would be to get a full body massage on a boat, then sit on the deck while reading a book and sipping on a French robust red wine.

Favorite food? Pasta with petite diced tomatoes, sushi, 99% of the things my husband cooks.

What do you love about PiFect? That I really get a chance to help people I feel like the modern day virtual Super Hero.

What do you want in life? I have everything I could possible want at this time I have a husband who would give me the moon (literally). I have a family I love, I have all the books I could imagine, and I get to give back to the community. If I could ask for one addition, it would be to live in a tropical place that has AMAZING beaches and its never to hot and never to cold.